Friday, January 8, 2010


I understand that this bellow post contains unvegan ingredients. Parents goats, milked to cheese perfection. Sesame french bread. vegan cheddar, onions, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, tahini, tamari. and a crazy lady screaming outside my window. 

Winter food; Winter Dogs

Vegan BLT. Smart choice bacon substitute. Romaine lettuce. Veganase. Tomato and Onion. On sesame french bread.
Tempeh Garlic Jamboree. Tempeh cooked in braggs and grapeseed oil. Lots of Garlic, onions, Saracha hot sauce, tahini, tamari, olive oil, garbanzo beans, lettuce from young family farm, onions from young family farm, on an everything bagel from church feed nextdoor.
Monster Tempeh Ruben. Organic Sauerkraut, home-canned pickles, youngfamilyfarm garlic,onions, & tomato, 8 arms tempeh, veganase, ketchup, hot sauce, on an everything bagel. (note the whole clove of roasted garlic on there. Never enough. Minimum of 5 cloves per slam.)
The next day I made an identical slamwhich to the one above.

and again, only this one is on an english muffin and has vegan "IT MELTS!" cheddar.  unlawful amount of 'goooooooop' had to eat it over the kitchen counter standing up.