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video is on youtube

search: paleconversations  on youtube and subscribe. will be giving slamwich demos soon.

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Magoo's First Slamwich

Vegan as Punk but just not as pretty...

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Before I started this blog I was reasonably inshape

Things got a little to greasy on the top one there. Love the sauerkraut mound on the last row. Also note the SLAMWHICH RUINS included on the last row. Average amount of garlic per Slam: 5 cloves.  Summit your own SLAMWHICH recipe today!! 

Friday, September 25, 2009


a pizza is kind of a slamwhich? Well, the one I used bread for anyway. The "It MELTS" vegan chedder deffinatly doesn't melt. ENJOY!

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quitters never win.

that's a slam
that's a which; field roast smoked tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber (parents farm), IT MELTS! fake vegan cheese, trader joes humus (it's open! Yikes!) and yummy italian farm bread from san fransico st. bakery. 
homemade falafel on homemade rolls with homemade tahini sauce, onions tomatoes and zucchini (from parents farm) and yogurt tzaiki sauce with farm fresh yogurt.     

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't Look at my Stomach.

Ingredients: tofu marinated in tamarie and brags sauce. Avocado, red cabbage, basil, humus, earth balance, and english muffin co-op bread.     
English muffin bread. Tempeh marianted in hella olive oil and brag's. Onions, garlic, home canned hott peppers, goddess dressing and vegan chedder chessse, it melts!
Tempeh, sour-kraut, bannana peppers, vegan thousand island, and sesame bread.
same as above. only different slamwhich. 

Hogiiie bread, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, onions, garlic, lots of garlic, avicadooo! goddesss, vegan crunk cheese. mayo! Grease!